Training methodology

Training methodology

Perfect adopts an integrated and inclusive approach to Training includes a focus on:

·       Experiential learning a strong emphasis on role playing, simulations and practicum.

·       Competency-based instructional design measurable standards of proficiency that reflect expectations of work role performance.

·       Specialisation: We specialise in one of the most important fields of today's world, business & management.

·       Customer-Focused: We focus on the needs of trainees and their employers.

·       Skills: We equip trainees with skills that are measurable, usable and relevant.

·       Modernity: We are at the forefront of the fields in which we provide advanced training.

·       Professional: Our trainers are among the leading professionals in the world. This is assured through their proven track record of excellence in training.

A range of delivery modes and types of interaction are used to help learners achieve transfer of learning and acquire the skills, knowledge and judgment they require, Training is an indispensable foundation upon which the development of organisations is assured; consequently training requires extreme delicacy in the way it is conducted.

The methodology of training at Perfect Center is to combine theory with practice providing trainees with the most up-to-date learning enabling them to acquire knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied with a positive mental attitude. We seek to impart knowledge, improve skills and reorient attitudes for individual growth and organisational effectiveness.

In addition, Perfect Center's training is dedicated to the idea that humans have the ability to grow only if they are given the opportunity to do so. Moreover, continuous improvement is the key to prosperity and coaching allows the employee to become pro-active, resulting in the highest level of commitment and performance.




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